Our motto as a firm is simple we represent the people and not the powerful.

Our aim isn’t to represent the multicorporate elite or the big insurance companies. We represent people like you, the ordinary man or woman on the street against the injustices of everyday life.

We pride ourselves on our service and our outstanding value for money. As a small unique firm we can provide you the assurance that you’re not just another case. We understand that you are a real person with real emotional needs and our solicitors have the time to personally invest in each client which we take on.

With offices based in Luton and Birmingham we are able to assist you with your legal problem wherever you maybe. Our Solicitors have over 30 years of experience in their specialist fields and we pride ourselves on our level of service and our excellent value for money.

So if you encounter a legal problem you can contact our expert solicitors safely knowing that they will provide you with a free initial consultation and the best and most affordable legal advise thereafter.

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